Cooking with Green Chef

I've tried meal delivery services before and one thing I kept wanting was a delivery service that would use ORGANIC ingredients. Most of the time, I would just end up swapping in my own organic ingredients---that is until Green Chef came along.

They're a meal delivery service that uses USDA Organic certified ingredients. They're free from synthetic pesticides, non-GMO, have no artificial ingredients and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Their salmon is also wild-caught and sustainably sourced.

The way I see it, is that the whole point of making a home cooked meal is that you are eating fresh and good-for-you food. Nowadays, unfortunately, many of today's foods contain toxins such as pesticides, herbicides and a cocktail of chemical poisons that have been linked to serious health issues. The only real way to try to avoid this is to eat organically grown food.

So yes, although let's say kale is good for you, it's not that great if it's not organic and you're actually ingesting hazardous pesticides. There's also some foods that are less contaminated than others (and your dirty dozen).

What I love about Green Chef is that I don't have to worry about what I'm going to make--it takes the guess work out of meal planning. Also, now that I eat more vegetarian dishes, sometimes it can be hard coming up with recipes (or many times I can't even find the organic ingredient at WholeFoods). You can also choose a plan that fits your lifestyle from vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free or Paleo.

For my first delivery I decided to go with a meal plan that included both veggie and seafood options (since I don't eat meat). Everything was absolutely delicious and really easy to make, including this Herb-Roasted Salmon. It also comes labeled by color, so I know which ingredients are for which meal. 

The potatoes were soooooo good. I had never thought about making them this way with capers. This dish was even a hit with my toddler.  I can't wait to make my next recipe this week! 



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience cooking with us!


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