Easy and Affordable Home Updates: Drapery

A naked window you've been neglecting can get a whole lot of love from a simple update---drapery. It can however get a bit expensive. That's probably the reason why my bedroom and family room went without drapes for a while, especially since we had already spent a lot of money on custom roller shades. That is until I found Budget Blinds, they not only offer blinds, but also everything from drapes to shades in hundreds of colors and materials at an affordable price tag.

For my bedroom, since I already have roller shades for privacy, I wanted to add some drapes that would still let light in and add some decor to the room. I went with this linen option in grey in a 'matte nickel' grommet. The great thing about Budget Blinds is that you can pick everything from the panel style (ie. grommet panels, back-tab-panels or flat panels), panel length and grommet finish. 

These were $89 a panel for an 84", which is not that bad given the length and that it's linen. 

The next room I added drapes to was Andres' playroom. This room is surrounded by windows, so I ended up needing a total of 6 panels. It really made SUCH a difference. Since this room is painted in a dark grey, I decided to add some contrast with lighter panels (in beige) and also in linen to let light in. 

The hardest part however was trying to find a rod that was long enough, since the length of the window is 152 inches.  I looked everywhere and even contemplated making my own using a pipe from Lowes haha. I finally found the perfect rod length at IKEA, and it was super cheap. I believe it goes up until 154 inches, so it barely made it. 

I'm also pretty proud of the fact that I put these drapes up myself, using a drill (oh and don't forget to use drywall anchors). 

What do you think? What type of window treatments do you have in your home? 

Top image via Elle Decor 

This post is brought to you by Budget Blinds, all opinions, as always are 100% my own. 


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