The Perfect Tabouret Chair

I've been searching high and low for the perfect tabouret chair to go with my farm style table for months (you may also know them as tolix chairs, bistro chairs or just plain metal chairs).  I was having no luck, they would either be too small (very childlike) or super expensive, I'm talking more than $1,600 for 4 chairs--also, the color of the metal would be way off and sometimes cheap looking. 

That is until I found these from Overstock. I'm so in love with them! It's the perfect gunmetal shade and the height is ideal for my table. Also, can we talk about the price for a second? These were just $169 for a set of 2 chairs, that's less than 90 bucks for each chair, which is pretty great (knowing what's out there). 

They are also a great quality and already come built (always a plus in my book).  My 3 year-old also loves them and not to mention they are so easy to wipe clean. I also love the combination of wood with metal and the satin nickel pendants. So in case you're looking for the perfect tabouret chair----your search is over! 

Where to Buy: 
Tabouret Chair,, $169 (set of 2) 


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  1. Love these! Thinking about getting some when I change apartments this summer! Keeping this on my bookmarks :) Xx


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