How to Make Coconut Water Ice Lollies

By Contributing Writer, Natty

These Brazilian coconut water ice lollies are the BEST thing for summer. I made these last weekend for a BBQ in Shropshire when it was really sunny (the weather in England is AMAZING at the moment) and they were a hit. These are great for kids and babies as they love the fruit and the coconut water makes it sweet but healthy with no added sugar. My boyfriend's 8 month-old nephew loved them! Adults also love them too. They also look Pinterest perfect to impress your guests at a summer fete. I bought this specific ice pop mould because I love how nostalgic they look with old school popsicle sticks.

My mum made these all the time when I was little (cheaply using plastic cups and popsicle sticks) and they remind me of hot summer days in Brazil. I love kiwi and mangos but you can do this with same recipe with any fruit you wish!

PS: The link to the Ice Lolly tray I use is in my shop! –

Ingredients (Serves: 10) 
Time: 3 hours

3 kiwi
1 Mango Ice Lolly Tray (Available in my shop)
500ml Coconut Water


Peel Kiwi and Mango and slice into desired shape (I like to cut the kiwi into 1/4 cm thick round slices and cube mangos).

Carefully place fruit into ice lolly mould, I used 4 slices of kiwi per mould (sticking them to the side to get the effect I want) and 5-6 pieces of mango.

Top mould with Coconut Water, about 80-90% full. The water expands as it freezes so do not fill right to the top.

Cover with lid and insert popsicle sticks to the are halfway into the coconut water. After 3 hours they should be fully set, but you can leave them longer to be sure.

To make them extra pretty serve on a bed of ice and little flowers for your guests and enjoy!

Thank you Natty for sharing this recipe! For more healthy and delicious recipes, be sure to check out Natty's blog, The Latina Cook!


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