4 Activities to do this fall with kids

As the weather begins to cool down (or at least becomes more bearable in Miami) I’m looking forward to doing more outdoor activities with my little guy. Some of my favorite things to do doesn’t even cost a dime. If you’re looking for some toddler-friendly activities that won’t break the bank this fall, here are a few of my favorites:

Pumpkin Patches: Pumpkin patches are tons of fun, and for the most part, you can find several that offer free admission. Best of all, many of the pumpkin patches also set up kid-friendly activities. 

Halloween Party: Each year our neighborhood throws a Halloween block party for the little ones.  You can find out if your neighborhood is throwing a Halloween party, or check your local listings for any free Halloween events.

Petting Zoo: Our son absolutely loves animals, and there are several petting zoos in Miami that don’t cost a thing. It’s the perfect place to also teach them about animals. My toddler also gets a kick out of pet stores as well—another free option.

Fly a Kite: We live a few blocks from a kite park, and I can’t wait for it to start getting windy in Miami so I can take our toddler to fly a kite. Although he can’t actually fly it himself (obviously) he loves seeing them up in the sky. You can also plan to bring a blanket and food and have yourself a little picnic.

What are some of your favorite free activities you’re looking forward to?


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