Beauty: Annmarie Skin Care Aloe Facial Cleanser & Repair Serum

Love organic beauty products that are truly clean? If so, then you'll love Annmarie Skin Care. I've blogged about them in the past, but they are just that great that they are worth another mention. I recently tried their Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser. Their products are one of the very few that have really made a difference in my skin, especially after I was going through a hormonal imbalance and my face started breaking out worse than a teenager.

The Aloe-Herb Cleanser is made for all skin types and helps to clean, balance and hydrate your skin, while really removing impurities and makeup.  I use it in the morning and at night before going to sleep. It's made with ingredients that are organic or wild-crafted such as aloe vera juice, coconut oil, aspen bark, grapefruit oil and lemon oil. It goes on like a silky milk substance and is so refreshing.

After the cleanser, I finish it off with their repair serum. Another one of my favorite products. It has helped a ton to fade the appearance of my dark spots from past breakouts. It's made with ingredients such as licorice root and citrus derived stem cells, that are known to help with brightening and lightening.


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