The 13 Best Travel Apps for Your Next Adventure

By Contributing Writer, Liz de La Nuez, Chasing Liv

Last year I attended one of the most popular travel conferences in beautiful Bloomington, Minnesota, and I learned about some of the top travel apps and sites perfect for travelers. These are some of my favorites and with summer vacation right around the corner, families everywhere are planning their summer vacations. So, now is the perfect time to download some of these apps and get to traveling! 

Favorite Travel Apps for Planning: 

Hopper App-This app tracks and scans air travel rates so you don’t have to. We’ve been tracking flights to Dominican Republic lately and this app keeps us constantly updated on the prices. It checks airline prices and even predicts when prices will most likely be at their lowest! It can advise on when the prices are most likely to change, as well as the best time to buy a ticket. It notifies you when prices drop and whether you should “hop” on it, or wait. You can even book the flights via the app! 

TripAdvisor App-TripAdvisor really is the quintessential travel planning app! We don’t book anything without consulting with TripAdvisor first. They have reviews, ratings and customer photos, so it’s no wonder why they are a favorite amongst travelers. We have stayed at several home rentals found on TripAdvisor and haven’t once been disappointed.

Airfarewatchdog- Similar to Hopper, this is a tool to help travelers stay updated on flight prices. Since flight prices can fluctuate quite frequently, this app will alert you when they do. Especially when they are reasonably (as in a big drop in price!) discounted! Unless your full-time job is to look out for flight prices, then an app such as this one can save you tons of time and money.

TripHobo- This will create a customized travel itinerary for your trip. You add your destination and this app will arrange the attractions for you. The best part is that you can also see other people’s itineraries and just adjust them to your liking. It’s also great for when you know where you want to visit, but need suggestions on what to see while you’re there.

Roadtrippers-This is for all of us road trip junkies! You choose your destination and then you add attractions, restaurants, etc. to your itinerary. Once it has your information it customizes a map for your trip highlighting those spots.

Packpoint- So much goes into my packing and gearing up for a trip, but still there is always something I forget! So, this app takes away some of that stress from the traveler. When using this app, you simply create a trip profile that includes your destination, length of stay and reason for travel. Packpoint then creates a packing and luggage checklist for you. You can even combine it with TripIt.

Roomer-Things come up, and unfortunately trips and reservations sometimes have to get canceled last minute. I know it’s happened to us, and having to fork up money for a reservation that you did not use is no fun. This app allows you to book hotel rooms at BIG discount prices from other Roomer users that have had to cancel their trips. Also, if you get stuck with a hotel reservation that you can’t use, you can sell it to other Roomer users via the app.

Apps to use while you’re there: 

Cool Cousin-You know how you wish you knew a friend at every city that you visit, in order to get the inside scoop on the best hot spots? Well this app does just that. You can go on there and search up recommendations and suggested “must-dos” from actual locals! You get to connect with locals who share your same interests and can direct you to their favorite spots. This way, you can get a real feel for the city and not just the touristy parts.

Run Go-No matter where our travels take us, my husband always goes for a run. So, naturally this is an awesome app for all the traveling runners like himself. This serves like a navigation aid that allows the runner to find safe jogging routes in unfamiliar cities. The best part is that runners can opt for the premium subscriber’s access guided tours where they have a tour guide of scenic parts and points of interest.

XE Currency-Traveling abroad takes a lot of preparation and knowledge, and being aware about the currency rates are a must. This app is everything that you’ll need in order to stay on top of currency and exchange rates. My favorite part is that it stores rates of currencies that you’ve already looked up, so that they are available to you offline.

Mobile Passport-When traveling to the U.S., Mobile Passport is officially authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and it lets you skip the regular line to enter the country! You download the app and enter your passport information and you’re ready to go. I like this to have as a precautionary, in case you lose your passport. Just check with your airport ahead of time to be sure that it is acceptable.

Google Translate-Traveling to a city where you don’t speak the language can be a bit unnerving. When we traveled to Paris, as exciting as it was, we couldn’t even read the street signs! You can get translations via photo which works for signs and menus, plus you can use it even when you don’t have internet. This kind of app is a must when traveling to a city where you don’t speak the language. It’s also way faster than flipping through a pocket dictionary!

WhatsApp-When traveling abroad, communicating with loved ones back home can get rather pricey. If you have WiFi you can use this app to send messages, photos, voice clips and videos! Have family and friends download the app as well in order to communicate with each other.

You can check out more of Liz's writing on her blog, Chasing Liv, where she covers everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. 

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