Summer Must-Have: The Cutest $65 Basket Bag

You've probably seen these basket bags popping all over the place on your Instagram feed. And it's no surprise! They're effortless, super chic and have quickly become the "it" bag this summer. When I first saw them I instantly fell in love. I found this one on Etsy from the brand EllennJames. It's definitely a steal for just $65 bucks and comes all the way from Indonesia.

I do have to say though that the purse is baked in a coconut oven, so it does have a smokey smell when you first get it, which will eventually go away.  I forgot to read this part and freaked out when it arrived. There had been some really bad brush fires in Miami and I thought that perhaps something happened during the delivery process and it had been exposed to it haha.

Round Rattan Basket Bag, EllenJames, $65

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