Field Trip: Driving Around Miami in the New Chevy Equinox

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a really cool event with Chevrolet. We drove around Miami in the all-new 2018 Chevy Equinox buying the best ingredients and learning to cook a delicious meal with celebrity chef Lorena Garcia. Our first stop was the supermarket, where she gave us some really great advice, from how to pick the best fruits and veggies to the best days to shop.

Afterwards, we headed to Palacio de los Jugos for a little break. I remember going to this place all the time with my mom (back in the day). I had the yummiest coconut water before driving back to start cooking with Chef Lorena Garcia.

Driving around in the Equinox was so much fun. It's the perfect family car, especially if you want a vehicle with space, but don't want to go too big (or go the minivan route---eekk). Here are some key featured that I really enjoyed:

Surround Vision- Gives you a virtual bird's eye view of your vehicle on a 8-inch touch-screen for greater ease parking and avoiding obstacles.

4G LTE WI-FI- Keeps you connected everywhere. Chevy offers an unlimited prepaid data plan for just $20 a month. This comes in so handy especially for road trips and for little ones with their iPads.

Advanced Safety Technologies- Including low-speed forward automatic braking, lane keep assist and safety alert seat.

Lightweight and Durable Body Structure- The Equinox body is stronger and lighter thanks to high-strength steel combined with an optimized form to make the vehicle more fuel efficient and nimble.

Here are some more pictures from the event I thought you might enjoy....

Fun story: When I worked in Public Relations (10 years ago!) I also got to work with Chef Lorena Garcia. She was the spokesperson for one of the brands I represented. That's when I first realized I too wanted to be a spokesperson. A few years later, I made that dream a reality.


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