Fun Questions with My 5 Year-Old

I feel like I haven't done an update on Andy in such a long time. My baby, is well, not a baby anymore (and doesn't like to be called one ha!) He's now 5 years-old. He is still, however, the sweetest little boy and has the biggest heart, seeing him grow up is truly a gift. 

A while back I did a post called "13 Questions with a Three-Year-Old" after I saw a post on Facebook that encouraged parents to sit down with your kids and ask certain questions without any prompting. I decided to give it another go last night (now with a 5 year-old) and wrote down his answers. I love seeing how much they've changed and some of them are pretty darn funny too. 

Here are his answers: 

1. What is something I always say to you?  I love you. 

2. What makes me happy?  Me! 

3. What makes me sad?  Me, not behaving.  (haha)

4. How old am I?  I don't know, 18? (hey, I'll take it!) 

5. What is my favorite thing to do?   Playing games with me. 

6. What do I do when you're not around?  You work on ION Style.  (true)  

7. What am I really good at?  Writing 

8. What is my favorite food?  Salad (it's actually pizza, but it's nice for him to think I'm so healthy lol) 

9. What do you enjoy doing with me? Talking to you when you poop and then you say "let me poop in peace."  (Haha) He finally got serious and said:  Playing with you with my toys, learning, doing homework and laying on your belly. 

(He really did get his sense of humor from his dad haha. And what is it with toddlers not letting parents use the bathroom in peace---geesh!) LOL  

Have you tried this? It really is fun to see how your child views things. His responses really brought a smile to my face, especially when I asked him "what is something I always say to you" and he responded "I love you." It made me feel like I'm doing things right and he's growing up feeling so loved and nurtured. 


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