We Got Slimmed at Nickelodeon's Slime City Miami

All my '90s kid dreams came true yesterday at Nickelodeon's Slim City haha. I went with my 6-year-old and hubby and had the best time. The pop-up experience arrived to Miami (located in Aventura Mall right across from ZARA) just in time for the holidays. Slime City features eight unique, themed rooms including Slime HQ where you can touch slime as they pump through pipes and tubes or hang out in a giant slime bean bag.

You go around gathering clues in a card they give you and at the end you receive Nickelodeon's ultimate honor--getting slimed! Don't worry, they give you a poncho and make you take your shoes off before they slime you.  There's also plenty of towels so you can clean off. Andy had the best time and seeing his face light up each time he found a clue was priceless.

At the end there's also a slime lab where you can make your own slime and bring it home with you. Andy was super excited to take the slime he made for his class' Show and Tell.

Tickets cost $30 and Slime City runs through January 20th. You can get more info by visiting www.nickslimecity.com 


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