Update + What's In My Shopping Cart

Hi guys, thought I'd check-in to see how everyone is doing? We've been staying at home as much as we can and pretty much only going out for quick walks around the neighborhood or for a dip in the beach. We live three blocks from the water so we try to get there early (around 8:30AM) and will stay for one hour. 

This morning was one of those days. We were pretty much the only people there, which was amazing.  The water was also GORGEOUS. The past couple of times it's been filled with seaweed and the waves have been rough, so it was a nice change to see the water so calm and crystal clear. I really don't mind the seaweed, but my husband does haha. 

Along with staying at home, I've also been indulging in some online shopping. Here are a few of my latest buys I thought I'd share with you. 

Hope everyone is staying safe. Remember, this too shall pass. 

cat eye sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses, Amazon, $13

women's visor

Visor, Amazon, $16

herringbone necklace

Herringbone Necklace, Lili Claspe, $50

small hoop earrings

I'm really into small hoops nowadays. I really like these also from Amazon. 

kids goggles

Love this brand of goggles for kids, $24


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