1 Year-Old Baby Essentials

Last year, I put together a list of my must-have baby registry items. Now that Valentina turned one, I thought I'd share an update on some of my favorite baby gear and toys. 

*You can shop all of my favorite baby items on my Amazon storefront where I update it regularly. 


Sleep Sack: Valentina has been using this hands-free sleep sack from Kyte baby and I absolutely love it. It's made from the softest material and breathable fabric. The humming bird print is also adorable. I don't have to worry about Valentina getting cold at night without using a blanket in her crib (which can be dangerous). You can also get them in different fabrics for each level of temperature. 

Pajamas: I also love the pajamas from Kyte Baby. They are super soft and comfortable. It's made with a bamboo fabric that stretches to fit her body nice and snug. The footies also come with grips, which is great when your baby starts walking. The best part is the dual zippers, which make changing a diaper so much easier. 


Learning Toys: I love Montessori type learning toys, especially if they are made out of wood and non-toxic. Some of Valentina favorite toys includes this Box with Tray and Ball,  this Pound & Tap Melodies Bench and this wooden puzzle

Kitchen: I had actually bought this kitchen for my son Andy (in navy blue) when he was little and I'm glad I kept it because Valentina enjoys it so much. Once she gets a little older she's probably going to enjoy it more, but for now she loves opening all the cabinets and hiding things in it. 

I also got this Teepee for Valentina's 1st birthday pictures, but it now lives in our living room. She enjoys playing with her toys in the privacy of her teepee. It also looks super cute. 


Bibs: I love these silicone bibs from Bella Tunno. They make cleaning up so much easier as oppose to using cloth bibs and it also comes with a catch pockets, which helps with the food she drops. Valentina loves digging into her pocket and eating the food that falls haha. 

Straw Cup: I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to search for the perfect non-plastic straw cup for Valentina. There were brands that I researched that I thought were great, but then I read reviews of lead findings in the outer paint of the cup. So disappointing. Plastic, even though it's BPA-free can still have harmful chemicals.  

I wanted to avoid using a sippy cup too because of studies that shows speech delays when using a sippy spout. Valentina is still breastfed, but I wanted to find a cup where I can take some water for on the road. Since she's pretty good at drinking from a cup, I finally decided on the LifeFactory glass bottle and would have her drink from the rim (you can also add a sippy cup spout if you'd like). 

If you want something more spill-proof, they also have a stainless steel bottle with a straw cap they just launched. I've been using this brand for years and really love them. 

You can check out my original blog post on my must-have baby registry items here


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