Beyond Van Gogh: Ice Palace Studios in Miami

Last week, I had the opportunity to check out the "Beyond Van Gogh" exhibit in Miami. It's an immersive exhibit that uses cutting-edge technology to bring you into the world of Van Gogh. The exhibit features projections of 300 of the artists' work including classics from The Starry Night to Sunflower. The art wraps and flows not only around the walls, but on the floors as well and gives you the feeling of being inside one of his masterpieces. I love that it's set to a symphonic score using the artist's own dreams, thoughts and words to drive the experience as a narrative. 

It's also the perfect family outing, while maintaining your social distancing. We felt very safe the entire time.  I went with my 8 year-old son and 1 year-old and they both had so much fun. My son Andy had been learning about Van Gogh in his virtual art class, so it was nice to bring him along and have him see everything he had learned come to life. 

It definitely lived up to the hype. I highly recommend it! 

Where: Ice Palace Studios: 1400 N Miami Avenue



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