Pencil Skirt Reinvented

Forever 21 $22.80

Along with the motorcycle jackets I blogged about in a previous post, Pencil skirts are another must-have this Fall. Forever 21 has reinvented the classic pencil skirt with this high-waisted look. You can go from day to night by simply switching tops. One tip for looking more curvaceous is getting a pencil skirt with pockets (it works wonders)... Aside from the pencil skirt being “in” this fall it’s also one of those timeless pieces I love.

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  1. Often, women think that the pencil skirt is only for the very slim, but this is not the case. Women with curves may feel that the pencil skirt will showcase them in an unflattering way. This can certainly occur when the skirt is too tight, but a good fitting pencil skirt may emphasize feminine curve without pointing out what women feel are their figure flaws. Women with a little extra weight or curve may turn toward loose clothing to hide supposed figure defects. In fact, this makes the body look bulkier. A fitted pencil skirt is more flattering than a bulkier or looser fitting skirt.

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