And the Winner is...

Lucky Magazine is celebrating their 2nd Annual Shopping Awards. In their November issue they feature some of the best places to shop for accessories, jeans, the latest trends and online shopping. Some of the winners include H & M.

Who else made the cut? Well you can find out today (their issue is now on stands)

Photo: Lucky Magazine


  1. Lucky Magazine is one of my all time favorites. They always have the best tips and tricks!

  2. Cool...I'm happy H&M was picked. I love that store!

  3. Lucky is a fashion magazine which calls itself the "Ultimate Shopping Guide" and "The Magazine About Shopping." Available by subscription, issues are published once a month and offer shopping tips, fashion advice, and articles detailing current trends. The magazine also runs a website with many similar features.

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  4. Lucky magazine is the only magazine devoted exclusively to shopping and style. A pioneer in the fashion magazine field, it provides women who are passionate about shopping with a broad range of the best styles and products out there but a tight edit of the pieces that are worth a second look. As the voice of a friend in the know, Lucky makes fashion and beauty fun and accessible for everyone, showcasing what to wear and how to wear it.

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  5. The magazine features gorgeous photography and an endless array of product shots and every item comes with how-to-get it-right-now information next to its photo. Readers don’t have to flip to the back of the book to read the fine print on how much something costs and they can buy it right then and there.

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