Project Runway Moving to Lifetime???

"As they say in fashion one day you're in and the next day you're out." But it seems it's not OUT yet for Bravo. The battle continues on whether the next season of Project Runway will air on Bravo or Lifetime. As you might know, NBC is suing the producers of the show, Weinstein Co., because they broke the contract by taking the show to Lifetime without letting them know. And just a couple of weeks ago a judge granted NBC a preliminary injuction so that Lifetime can't promote or air the show. Who knows when all of this will get resolved. Oh, and to top it off Heidi Klum told the LA Times that Michael Kors and my favorite judge Nina Garcia will not be judging on every episode. Will you still watch if they move to Lifetime or does it even make a difference?
Photo: LA Times

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  1. Lifetime Networks and The Weinstein Company have announced a five-year deal that will bring Project Runway to Lifetime beginning with the reality series sixth season which the network has already scheduled to debut in November 2008. Project Runway is one of the best television programs on the air today on broadcast or cable.

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