Swimsuit Shopping Guide: Large Bust

Here are some tips for finding the perfect bathing suit for a large bust:

*I have 3 words---Support, Support, Support. Be sure to pick a top that has plenty of it. You don't want to come out of the water and find that your bathing suit top did not make it up with you. A halter top is a great option because it helps hold a large bust in place.

*Another good option, aside from the halter top is a top that has a built-in bra or under wire.

*If you’re wearing a bikini, opt for a bold print in the bottom, this will help draw the eyes to your lower half instead of your top.

*Stay away from strapless tops, which will give you no support and also high necklines.

Here are some bathing suits to consider:

Nina Swimwear has various halter tops like this "James Onda Tierra" bathing suit. She has a full range of unique and stylish bathing suits for all body types. You can check out all of her bathing suits here.

This Bondi Beach Bikini by Freya has an under wire bikini top with fully adjustable straps. Freya’s is perfect for full-busted gals since sizes start at a D cup to an HH cup.

This Tommy Bahama halter tankini has a surplice bodice and ties around the neck. It comes in light peach, blue, pink and black.

Photo: Phillip Friedman

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