Swimsuit Shopping Guide: Small Bust

Finding the perfect bathing suit when you have a small bust can sometimes be challenging. I was one of those late bloomers, so while my friends in high school already had GINORMOUS Boobies... I had the chest of an 11-year old boy...I wish I were kidding. Anywho, I dreaded going to the beach because I knew my super duper padded Wonder Bra would not be coming with me.

After exploring different bathing suits, I finally found some tops that actually made my Negative A cup look a lot fuller. Luckily the boobies finally came with time--But here are some tips that helped bathing suit shopping for a small bust a lot easier:

* Look for bathing suit tops that are padded in a bandeau style. This style is perfect because it goes in a straight line so it hides the lack of cleavage.

* You can also try a top with ruffles, patterns or a push-up under wire top, this helps give the appearance of a fuller chest.

* If you don't want to go for a bikini you can also try a Tankini push-up top. Victoria Secret has some nice Tankini's that have a built in Miracle Bra.

* Try to stay away from triangle tops which only give the appearance of a smaller chest. *Unless it has ruffles*

Here are some swimsuits to consider:

Top: $30.08 (on sale)
Bottom: $30.08

Rosa Cha

This Brazilian fashion line always has unique styles, plus their quality of bathing suits are amazing. I'm really lovin' this bandeau top, especially the colors. You can check out their collection here.

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