Feeling Lovie Dovie?

Looking for a lively summer hue nail polish ? I recently tried this Essie pink nail polish called"Lovie Dovie" from their summer collection and loved it! I also really like their "Chubby Cheeks" nail polish, which has more coral(orangy) tones. By the way, if it doesn't look that glossy that's because I added a final coat of their Matte About You finisher which turn any nail polish color into Matte...it's actually pretty cool. What nail polish color are you diggin' this summer.



  1. That's a pretty shade of pink. Good call adding the matte finish! I currently have turquoise nail polish on my fingernails and purple nail polish on my toenails. Both colors came from Delia's. I love your blog, by the way! I write a fashion blog too.

  2. I love the way purple looks. A friend of mine recently started using it and it looks super cute. I'm glad you like the blog :)

  3. Accidentally,i read you article,it give me so much information,thanks!


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