How Celebs Stay Energized...Energy Jewelry

What do Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad and David Beckham all have in common? They’re all finding new ways to improve their well-being with energy inspired jewelry.
These are just some of the celebs that have been spotted wearing Energy Muse, a jewelry line made out of gemstones, crystals and Chinese coins, which bring you energy such as prosperity, health, and motivation. Here’s a pic. of Heidi Klum wearing a necklace from their line which is suppose to drive away negative energy (I’m sure it comes in handy to ward of paparazzi). Lauren Conrad opts for this “Shine” necklace which is suppose to bring prosperity and new beginnings. Prices range from $39 to above $200.

Here's where you can get it:

Shine Necklace, (Worn by Lauren Conrad)
1st Chakra Root Necklace (Worn by Heidi Klum)


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