Take Note Ladies...Gifts Men Hate to Receive

Haven't decided what to give that special man in your life these holidays? Well, TheFrisky.com came out with a list of what men hate to receive. Here they are.....

Aftershave. Shaving stuff in general probably shouldn’t be given as gifts, unless you’re giving a really nice straight razor or something, but aftershave is one of the more thoughtless examples of gifts from this genre. We’re usually already used to an aftershave, and we don’t really want to try a new one—we really don’t care how we smell past a certain point.

Socks. Socks are the go-to horrible gift that women everywhere buy for guys. I have no idea why. Very few guys need socks, and if we do need socks, a pack costs $5. Getting socks as a gift is like getting a tire gauge or a pack of Bic pens or a week’s worth of toilet paper: totally utilitarian and completely unnecessary.

Ties. Really nice ties are actually a decent gift. However, most ties suck. I have no idea why. Maybe 95 percent of all ties are designed by blind people who vomit on them. Chances are extremely good that you’ll pick out a tie that we’ll never wear. Plus, most guys already have enough ties, and they’re fairly impersonal gifts. Ties are a great gift to get your father when you’re 13, but past that point, not so much.

Tools. Like the ties, tools can be a cool gift, but too often women don’t check whether their guys have the tools in question before heading to the checkout counter. Plus, different tools (especially power tools) can vary widely in quality, depending on the brand you buy. If you know that your guy wants a specific tool and you don’t know much about tool brands, get help from an older guy working at your local Home Depot (the younger guys are idiots) before buying. Otherwise, go with something else.

Click here to read them all. Are you guilty of having given one of these gifts...I have. What's a gift you'd hate to receive?

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  1. oh thank you for posting this! I wanted to give my botfriend a tie but I'm not sure if he'll like me or not... Just bought him his favorite movie in blue ray instead :)


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