Cynthia Vincent for Target: Gladiator Wedge

Have any of you had a chance to scope out the latest Cynthia Vincent for Target collection. It launched two days ago and I'm in love with these yellow wedges (they also have it in black and brown). I'll probably be checking it out tomorrow (hopefully they still have it). Prices range from $24.99 for flats and $29.99 for heels and wedges. What do you think of the collection? Have any of you tried on these wedges?

Where to Buy:
Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Wedge, Target ,$29.99

* seems like these shoes are selling out lot hot cakes. I made a couple of rounds to Target stores, but they were gone (insert cry here). Any luck on your end?



  1. im so sad i have gone to 5 different targets in my area and none carry these particular wedges. I am so disappointed!!!! But i did find a substitute that actually look a lot more like her real 400 DOLLAR ones. i Think thats the price, i think its higher but anyways i will end up with the subs

  2. I hear ya...I've actually called all the nearest Target stores where I live and they are completely out!!! One store said they might get another shipment tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. I called every store within 50 miles of San Diego and only two of the stores even got them in. I called Target Customer Service and the person I spoke with was no help at all. Horrible customer service, which, by the way, has no email address. If you want to write them, you need to send it via snail mail. I think since these ads were everywhere, Target did a horrible job at stocking their stores. Why advertise in every fashion magazine if you do not intend to stock the product? I did buy a yellow pair on line, but by that time (Sunday morning) the black and cognac were completely sold out.

  4. I was able to snag a pair of the cognac wedges, but they were one of the last pairs at the Target nearest to me ( I went in on Sunday afternoon, when they had supposedly been released that morning). They fit great and are really good quality for $30. I just wish they would have had more of the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes in stock! I really wanted to get the wedges in black and a pair of the flat sandals as well! I agree with the above comment, if Target is going to advertise a line as heavily as they did this one they need to make sure to have plenty of the shoes in stock!

  5. Lucky!!!!! I'm still on my quest to try to find a pair, but still no luck :(


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