Guest Blogger-StyleClone: Olivia Palermo's Celebrity Home for Less

Check out this week's guest blogger post from Style Clone and how to recreate Olivia Palermo's fab pad for less:

We’re all guilty of watching Cribs on MTV and wishing we had homes like that, and while we may not be able to find you a cheap solid gold toilet or that original Picasso we can still help you steal some of their style.

This week we’re looking at Olivia Palermo’s Tribeca apartment, it’s not too busy or overdone, it’s light and elegant and perfect for something new for Spring. The word is cream, cream chairs, sofas and even white walls. While I couldn’t track down that Hermes tray, I have found this gorgeous retro orange one with flower detail from Kitchen Kapers that will stand out gorgeously against all of the cream with just enough punch, and for only £6.60 ($9.99).

Love her pillows? Well that is something we could find, from Jason Home & Garden from £165 ($250). Coming in large or small this is an instant style grabber. The table is always a good focal point on a room, and her solid white coffee table is gorgeous. Next are selling a similar one for £125 that will fit perfectly into your copycat room. It also has a bit or storage for some cleverly placed books and ornaments.

An obvious observation is to always try to have fresh flowers in the house, the instantly brighten up your home without breaking the bank and just add a little extra happiness, which is always nice isn’t it?


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