Beauty Review: Unforgettable Moments

I recently received some complimentary makeup from Payless the other day and first of all I have to say I didn't even know they had a beauty line. It supposedly hit stores last month for the first time and ranges from fragrances, makeup and body items under two names: Unforgettable Moments and Zoe & Zac Naturals. I had some fun playing around with the makeup and applying all the fun eye shadows, lip glosses... I felt like a little girl playing dress-up. Two of my favorites were the Pretty Plums Lip Palette and the Soft Petal Eye Kit. The lip glosses go on with a lot of shimmer and shine and comes with a total of 6 different colors (which are right on trend with the colors we're seeing this Fall). They're mostly colors that I would probably wear for going out at night, but they also have a Petal Pinks Palette line with more neutral shades.

The eye-shadow kit was also one of my favs. It comes with 4 matte and shimmer eye shadows in purple and neutral shades and 2 creamy eye liners (the ones all the way to the left in the pic). It has a very convenient dual-tipped applicator, so it's easy to apply the eye shadow and also the eye-liner. You also can't beat the prices, the lip palette is just $5.99 and the eye-kit is $7.99. Have any of you tried any other beauty products from their line?


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