Jessica Simpson 'Dany' Pump (Finally in Stock)

October 8, 2010   
I've been in love with this shoe ever since I saw it on a couple of my favorite fashion bloggers, but it's been sold out for months (sniff sniff). That is until today, when I happened to stubble upon the Dillard's website and found that they have it in stock. I'm in between getting it in size 7 or 8, so before I buy it online, I might just see if they have it in stores first. So excited!

Where to Buy:
Jessica Simpson 'Dany' Pump, Dillard's, $98


  1. They are amazing! Thanks for letting me know, I want to get the brown ones ;)

  2. so i saw you finally got the shoes! what size did you end up getting?? i'm usually a 7 1/2 and i'm debating!!

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