Thrift Store Shopping Finds: Under $5

Lately I've been getting into thrift store shopping. It's like going on a treasure hunt... you never know what you'll find (like the one time a found a brand NEW Valentino Cardigan). Well this week, me and my friend did some thrift store shopping at the Salvation Army. We found out that they actually offer half off on all items in their store every Wednesday--crazy right? My friend and I both scored some really cute purses. Here is a picture of the clutch my friend bought for just $4.50! The one I bought looks very similar, except that it has a shoulder strap and it was $3. I'll be posting some pics of the purse I bought soon, but in the meantime here are some pics of my friend's clutch--what do you think of our finds?

Photos: Amanda Rich... a.k.a my friend


  1. I found found a $300 purse at an estate sale, grabbed it for $30! Lots of deals out there if you know where to look.

  2. Too funny! I have this exact same clutch and I got it from St. Vincent De Paul. I just wore it in my outfit ideas for New Years Eve:


  3. Very cute! I've been into thrifting recently too!


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