VFB's Closet: What I wore for Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Monday everyone! For those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving, hope you had a great weekend and ate lots of delicious food. Here are some pics I took a couple of weeks back during a photo shoot with a friend of mine. I actually ended up wearing this same outfit for Thanksgiving dinner too (with the exception that I added some brown socks from J.Crew that I scored for $4). We took some pictures in my friend's apartment lobby...isn't it cute BTW (I love this orange chair). We took some more pictures in her lobby with different outfits and I'll be sharing those with you next week. What I love about this outfit is that the entire look from head to toe is just under $70.

In my closet:
Blouse-Kmart, $9 (bought one year ago and first blogged about it here when Olivia Palermo was also spotted wearing this same blouse)
Houndstooth shorts-Forever 21, $19
Boots- c/0 Kohl's, $34

Photos: Amanda Rich


  1. Love the blouse! Can't believe it's K-Mart...good buy!!

    Check out my fashion blog and follow!


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