VFB's Closet: Sunset...take 2





So the sun finally cooperated this week (here was my first attempt of taking pics. of this dress)..lol. I absolutely love the color of it and the length. I'm 5'6" and can wear it with flats without having it drag on the floor. This weekend I took a photography class with the hubby. It was pretty cool and got to learn a lot of tips for shooting. Hope you had a fun weekend... did any of you do anything for Superbowl? My favorite part as always was the food.. had some yummy chicken wings, spinach dip, and hot dogs. Glad I took these pictures before all the eating I did--ha. Anywho, hope you have a great week.

Also, thanks to the nice folks at Lulus we'll be offering a special site wide 15% off coupon. It's valid until February 14th. Simply enter coupon code VIVA (it's case sensitive to make sure you use all caps) Happy Shopping!

In my closet:
Dress: c/o Lulus
Shoes: Nimel by Limelight
Bracelets: Street Vendor
Belt: Forever21




  1. wow this is such a beautiful dress. I found the link to the dress http://www.lulus.com/products/collective-concepts-ripple-one-shoulder-maxi-dress/31469.html :)

  2. Glad you had a great weekend, I enjoyed watching the superbowl so much, cause none of my teams were actually playing so not nervous or sad after, was not impressed much by the show, was waiting for more, although once Slash and Usher came in it was awesome! ... Love the dress on you, weather's been good to you I can tell! Hope to see more outfits soon!


  3. Carmen, thanks for your terrific blog.

    I wanted to get your permission to repost a few of your outfits on wassa.be

    If its OK, I will also add links back to your blog so people who find your pictures compelling will be able to find your blog as well.

    The site is in non-public Alpha now, but if you look around and like it, please let me know and I will award you our highest blogger status (when we have status enabled on the site)

    Many thanks and keep the great pictures coming.

    Chris Robinson
    Founder, Wassa.be: Social shopping's New BFF

  4. Hi Chris,

    You can use any of the pics, I just ask that you credit it back to VivaFashionBlog.com . Look forward to checking out the site.


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