Flattering Skirts for your Figure....

I recently read this cool article on Women's Health Mag that gave some tips on finding the most flattering skirt style for your figure and thought I'd share. So if you are....

Curvy: If you can find a skirt with a double belt detail, it helps accentuate a small waist. An elastic waistband and an easy cargo fit won't constrict a curvy figure. Finally, play up hourglass proportions with a tulip shaped skirt.

Straight: Skirts with horizontal stripes or tie-dye patterns tend to add oomph to straight silhouettes, creating a hipper look. Also, playful tiers lend volume to slim hips.

Pear: Skirts with fullness at the hem draw eyes away from the hips. Additionally, A-lines disguise the ample hips and thighs of a pear shaped figure.

Athletic: Femme up your figure with a skirt that has an oversized bow or a busy print which adds dimensions. Also, a skirt with an A-line wrap style accommodates muscular thighs.


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  1. I enjoy these descriptions on skirts because I always have trouble finding a fit that is flattering and comfortable for curvy hips. I found an adorable skirt at BCBG for 30 bucks that fits that description to a tea! Thanks so much!


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