My Finds: Messenger Bag at Target

During a lunch break stop at Target yesterday I spotted this super cute messenger bag from Mossimo for $34. I've been looking for a bag just like it that doubles as a satchel and shoulder bag. The material is really soft and could even pass as being real leather if you ask me. I also spotted these bracelets below which I love love love. I ended up buying the one in brown (although was torn between all of them). They were just $14.


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  1. Love the bag! It's funny b/c I just read that Proenza Schouler is upset with Target for copying their PS1 bag which typically runs for $2k. It looks like the one you bought. PS is particularly upset because they do work on a clothing line for Target. I understand why they are upset, but at the same time, the people buying the $34 dollar bag aren't the same ones buying the $2k bag anyway.


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