Who Wore It Best: Kim Kardashian or Nicole Kidman?

July 8, 2011   

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman were both spotted wearing this Lanvin white dress. Who do YOU think wears it best? Cast your vote below.


  1. They both are beautiful but if nothing other than her stance Kim comes across as more commanding to the eye.

  2. kim k for sure, i think the longer length looks much better. and it could just be the lighting but i think kim's looks brighter and more vibrant on her.


  3. Def Kim Kardashian!! She has more curves.

  4. I didn't know which to vote for haha. That rarely happens. Kim looks more "modern" and curvy to her body type, while Nicole looks like a classy dame.
    The dress looks like a different style on both body types which I like..

  5. Where can we get it Ms Viva Fashion?

  6. She's wearing a Lanvin Resort 2010 Halter dress.... you can probably find it at a high-end retailer such as Bergdorf Goodman or you can also try Net-A-Porter :)


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