Beauty Review: eos Lip Balm

So the other day this adorable lip balm came in the mail. Isn't the packaging so cute? It's from eos and the best part is it's 95% organic and has vitamin E to help keep your lips soft and moist. This one has a yummy watermelon taste and smell. You simply pucker up and apply.  It goes for about $3 at most drug stores. My co-worker actually came in to work the other day and told me she bought the cutest lip balm and coincidentally enough pulled out of her bag this same eos lip balm--ha. Have you tried it yet?



  1. My sister-in-law swears by that stuff!

  2. I see a lot of people with this! Great review! xx

  3. Haven't tried it yet, but for that price I will certainly make a trip to my local drugstore and try it!


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