Trend Alert: Varsity Jackets

The Varsity Jacket is no longer just the style staple for the high school football team or Zac Effron wannabes as it has now gone mainstream. It's being seen everywhere from high street to runway and it's not going anywhere soon. This look is cool and quirky for when you want a laid back casual look as it is comfortable yet right on trend.

However, there are different types of varsity jackets that you can go for, there is the typical high school lookalike with sewn on numbers for the original look or for a more versatile look, that you can translate into your work wardrobe, some designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent, have used the same shape but other materials such as leather or one color for their own take on the trend.
Even celebs such as Ciara and Lady Gaga are rocking the varsity look, so it's predicted to skyrocket this fall. Here are a couple of options on where you can get the trend for less.

By: Katie Cornish, Contributing Writer

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