Beauty Review: eos shave cream

Ok, so I must admit I use to very rarely use shaving cream. I know, I know, that's very bad for your skin. But I recently received this shaving cream from eos and have been using it ever since. I'm a big fan of their lip balm (reviewed it here) so was excited to try out another eos product. I tried the Vanilla Bliss with natural aloe and shea butter and it smells so yummy. It's also very creamy and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Since it is a bit thick it may clog your razor a bit, but nothing too bad. 

I've only tried it wet, but it says on the packaging that you could also use it on dry skin. It's also a bargain for just $3 at most drug stores. Have you tried it? What's your favorite shaving cream? 

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  1. Yes I tried it....didn't like it so much. Check out my review about it


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