Viva Fashion Featured on Refinery29

Just wanted to share with you this interview I did on Refinery29 on "Tips for Starting a Fashion Blog."
 I'm so beyond exited right now. Special thanks to Nikki Novo for the interview :)  Hope you enjoy! 

"We must confess: Our reasons for penning this story on how to start a fashion blog were based on selfish motives. Our intentions were to provide you with a you-can-do-it tutorial in hopes that you will, in fact, launch your own digital daily diary. We need you, readers! How are we going to fill up our morning link posts without inspiring city bloggers like Viva Fashion’s Carmen Ordonez? Think about it. In an effort to make our dreams come true, we asked Ordonez to share her expert advice on creating a successful fashion blog. Her tips include being friendly, being socially active, and always being yourself. Read on to be inspired. Consider it your civic duty!..." 

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