Style Swap: Kate Moss

The gorgeous Kate Moss looked simple and chic in a pair of light colored denim jeans along with a simple black button-down top and black pumps. To recreate her look I paired this black top (which I've had for almost four years). This top actually has a funny story. I bought it while I was on a business trip in Puerto Rico and American Airlines lost my luggage!!! (here's the post. where I talk about it). I was traveling in flip flops and jeans, so can you imagine having to go to a business meeting wearing that!.

I paired it with some coral jeans from Zara (2 seasons ago) and a pair of Joey black pumps. If you're looking for something different to wear to work, instead of your typical dark denim jeans or pants, colored jeans are a great way to go. That is of course if you don't work in a very conservative setting.  These pair of coral pants are a great option, because they can almost pass as a neutral color. You can also try a light pink pastel color like Kate Moss did.

Have you worn colored jeans to work? What do you pair it with?


  1. She is as pretty as ever, but you stole that look and wore it better! Although the look is entirely the same, something about you wearing it made it look even better.

  2. I have one pair of really nice bright purple jeans. I work in a huge office and sometimes I wear them to go to work. I usually combine it with loose white blouse and narrow waistband. Looks nice, I think:)

  3. Con que programa realizes tu seccion de STYLE SWAP,Gracias


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