Swim Trends: Retro Bathing Suits

With the official start of summer today, here's one bathing suit trend I'm coveting. It's the return of retro bathing suits.  My friend and I always joke that we have this pesky "kangaroo pouch" (as we call it) that as much as we work out we can't get rid of. Enter solution--high-waisted bikini bottoms. It's genius.  Well maybe I wouldn't go that far, but it does do the trick to hide it, while staying on trend this summer.  Here are some of my favorite options:

1. High-Waisted Bottom, Asos, $26.51 (bottom)
2. High Waisted Bathing Suit, Free People
3. Mix and Match High Waisted Bikini, Asos, $23
4. Navy Striped Bathing Suit, ETAM
5. Tallow Animal Oracle Bikini, Urban Outfitters,$120  (top and bottom)



  1. Oh I like it all. I found one nice, I will buy tomorrow :)

  2. I have been wanting a high waist bikini, and these are some great options!!

  3. Great to discover your blog! Not sure if I can pull off the high waist however curious to try it out.

  4. Hi-- I am sticking to the string bikinis. I heard the less material the smaller you look.



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