June 18, 2012

VF's Closet. Washington

Here are the rest of the pictures from my D.C. photo shoot with Mary Kay. The stylist, Angie Escamilla, picked out some cute outfits, including this white Tahari dress, I immediately feel in love with. It also seemed fitting since we were going to the White House the next day hehe. She also picked out a couple of fedoras, because she knew I loved them. I had such a great time, especially since I was in good company with some of my other blogger friends. Here's what I'm wearing:

Dress: Tahari
Fedora: Target
Shoes: Angie Escamilla (the stylist) own shoe line.
Bracelets: Target

Photos: Sven Bannusher

1 comment

  1. That Tahari dress looks gorgeous on you! I love a good white dress for summer...especially if I were going to the White House too :)

    Can't wait to read more!

    Jenna @ Prima Haven


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