VF's Closet. Washington

Here are the rest of the pictures from my D.C. photo shoot with Mary Kay. The stylist, Angie Escamilla, picked out some cute outfits, including this white Tahari dress, I immediately feel in love with. It also seemed fitting since we were going to the White House the next day hehe. She also picked out a couple of fedoras, because she knew I loved them. I had such a great time, especially since I was in good company with some of my other blogger friends. Here's what I'm wearing:

Dress: Tahari
Fedora: Target
Shoes: Angie Escamilla (the stylist) own shoe line.
Bracelets: Target

Photos: Sven Bannusher

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  1. That Tahari dress looks gorgeous on you! I love a good white dress for summer...especially if I were going to the White House too :)

    Can't wait to read more!

    Jenna @ Prima Haven


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