2 Easy DIY Projects

For our second DIY project with Scotch Colors and Pattern Duct Tape, we decided to show you how you can easily give your wallet or belt a little makeover. I've been using my husband's old wallet for almost 4 years (I love how it's practical and fits in my back pocket), but it was starting to fall apart. Here are some quick and simple steps on how you can transform your own wallet. 

What you'll need: 
 1 Pair of Scissors
4 Rolls of Scotch Duct Tape Colors (in your favorite colors)
Scotch Duct Tape in Black and White
Old Wallet


1.  Start by covering the entire wallet with Scotch Duct Tape in white. I placed the tape horizontally and then simply cut off the excess pieces on the side (leaving just enough so it wraps around the wallet).

2. Once the wallet is completely covered in white, now comes the fun part. Start by cutting small strips of duct tape in several colors and placing them vertically on the wallet. I decided to rotate my colors between a colored piece and a white piece, but it's totally up to you. 

3. Once the pieces start becoming longer, simply place the duct tape over the wallet to measure the size (making sure not to stick it to the wallet). Always cut a little extra just in case. 

4. Once you cut the longer piece, continue to place it vertically on the wallet and repeat until the wallet is completely covered in stripes. 

5. Voila! We've given our old wallet a new chic look. 

 Many of us have belts that we either don't use anymore or it's pretty much falling apart. That was the case with this skinny black belt, which has been lingering in my closet for years (in pretty bad shape). Instead of giving your belt the boot, here's an easy DIY to give your belt a little makeover. 

What you need: 
1 Pair of Scissors
1 roll (1.42 inches) of Scotch Duct Tape Colors (There's so many colors and patterns to pick from including neons and lace....we decided to use the "Retro Titles" print). 
Measuring Tape
Thumbtack (or something sharp to make the belt holes). 


1. Start by measuring the length of the belt using the measuring tape.

2. Use the measurement of the belt to cut one long piece of duct tape.

3. Once you cut the duct tape, place it on top of the belt and begin wrapping it so no sticky side is showing. Tip: If using a wider belt use the 1.88 inch Scotch Duct Tape.

4. Use a smaller piece of duct tape to cover the piece between the belt hole and the buckle.

5. Use a thumbtack or another sharp object to make the belt holes. 

 6. There you have it. We've given an old belt a little revamping with a few easy steps.

This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape, whose celebration of unique personal style led to this post. Get started at the new site to win some free samples.


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