How-To: Deal with a Bad Haircut

So earlier this week we had guest blogger Amanda from Life is So we have another Amanda, one of my besties and blogger behind the hair blog Premium Grade Hair.  She shares with us her tips for dealing with a bad haircut.

Hi guys! I'm Amanda from Premium Grade Hair. For the past two months I have been growing out one of the worst haircuts I have ever received. I have one word to describe this haircut…mullet! I promise, I am not exaggerating in the least. Half my head is short, the other long. And the short part is very puffy on top. What does this sound like to you?

So…how did this happen? I tried a new salon down the street from my apartment a day before I left for Vegas for a work conference. I asked for a trim, I left with a mullet. Simple as that. Oh, and I was also given bangs aka “face framers.” C’mon lady!! I have thick , curly hair. Bangs!?
Ok, enough ranting for now. This whole mullet experience has taught me a lot, starting with how to accept that yes indeed, I have a bad haircut, and how to deal.

1. Realize that it’s just hair, no one is dying, it will (eventually) grow back.

2. Call the salon to complain. Ask if there’s anything they can do to a) fix the cut or b) refund your money.

3. Understand that some cuts cannot be fixed, they just need time to grow out. Consider extensions if it’s really bad – and make the salon comp them.

4. Invest in a lot of bobby pins and learn how to perfect the poof. Great for disguising bangs or “face framers.”

5. Experiment with some new styles. Chances are your old styling ways won’t work for the time being. First things first, see how your hair dries naturally, then go from there. Perhaps add a headband or other hair accessory into the mix.

6. Keep hair pulled off your face in a clean ponytail or bun. I was using a large clip to create a simple twist and then blew dry the short pieces around my face that were too short to fit.

7. Give the salon and stylist honest reviews on Yelp or Google. In other words, slam them for giving you a mullet…I mean, bad haircut. This will make you feel better (I promise).

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