Fashion Tips for Dressing a Petite Figure

Dressing a petite figure can definitely be challenging. We caught up with Caroline Misan Alvo, fashion designer and owner of the online store Gambitas (that sell clothes exclusively for petite women), to share with us some of her favorite tips for dressings a petite figure. At 4' 9" herself she's never owned a pair of pants she didn't have to tailor.

ps. You can find all of the looks featured at Gambitas :) 

  •  Look for V-neck and scoop neck line blouses and tops, which give an elongated look to your body. 
  •  Make sure the top of the sleeve lies on your shoulder (like this one). Droopy shoulders just won’t look right.
  •   Three-quarter length sleeves are flattering, as they show off the best part of your arms.
  • Don’t be afraid of cropped jeans as long as they are proportioned right. They can look great with heals and with flats as long as they expose your ankles!
  • Best skirt length for petites is at the knee or shorter. And don’t be afraid to show off some leg in a mini-skirt.
  • Stay away from items that have a lot of excess fabric and lack shape. Your petite frame will get lost! If you’re going with an item that has a loose fit, make sure you keep your shape with a belt. 
  • I’m a big believer in fun prints but just make sure that the prints are not too big, otherwise it will throw off your petite proportions. I love this dress because it incorporates so many fun prints and colors but the details itself are small so it won’t overwhelm us petite gals.
  •  Skirts that sit at your natural waist are a great look. To round out your chic look, make sure to tuck your top into the skirt.


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