Happy Friday + My Summer To-Do List

{This picture was taken last summer when I was 3 months pregnant. Here's where you can get my dress}

Happy Friday guys and first day of summer! This year seems to be flying by. It's practically summer 365 days a year in Miami, but I'm sure for those of you that live somewhere cold you're probably ecstatic. I got inspired by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere to create a summer to-do list of some of the things I want to do this summer. Have you given it any thought? Here's my list.  

1. Go on more date nights with the hubby, I'd love to go see the new Superman movie. 
2. Read a book from start to finish. (any recommendations for a good book?)
3. Take my son to the beach. 
4. Make more home cooked meals and eat al fresco with the family--and finally put our new outdoor IKEA furniture to use. 
5. Learn the lyrics to this song from The Vespers so I can sing it to my baby. 
6. Plant some strawberries in our backyard garden. 
7. Buy more fresh flowers, like hydrangeas for our home.
8. Get a haircut, my hair is getting so long, it's out of control. 
9. Go on a road trip somewhere in Florida....we're thinking Destin. 
10. Make some mom friends so we can have playdates with our babies. 

What's on your summer to-do list? 

PS. Taking a quick break from work? Check out some of our favorite links from around the web to keep you busy--it is  Friday anyway right?  

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