Day at the Park

Our little man is almost going to be 8 months old; time really is going by so quick. Entering this new stage in my life as a new mom has been nothing short of amazing. Here we are at the park going down the slide….it was his first time at the park! And yes, I am wearing WHITE jeans down a slide. I’ve actually had these jeans forever, probably since I was 20 and in college. Being able to fit back into my jeans (9 years later) and after having a baby was such an incredible feeling.  It’s like I got my “momjo” back and I felt comfortable in my own skin again. It’s so interesting to see how much clothing plays a key piece throughout different life stages. These white jeans hold such a special meaning to me. As a style expert, I always get asked how I make my wardrobe last, and I always say it’s definitely how you take care of your clothes.  One secret is using Tide + Downy + Bounce together to help keep your clothes looking newer for longer. The better you take care of your clothes the less you have to spend on replacing them too. It’s all about being a budget fashionista! And that’s how I can wear white down a slide, haha.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that holds a special meaning to you? Maybe it’s the dress you wore on your first date with your hubby or perhaps it’s a blazer you landed your first job in? I’d love to know.  

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by P&G and Style Coalition. 



  1. Such a little cutie! & congrats on losing all the baby weight I'm sure you are making all of the other new moms super jealous haha.


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