Video: Tips Embracing Your Natural Belleza Latina

I'm so excited to share with you the last video from my web series with the makers of ZYRTEC. In this video I share some tips for combating watery eyes, a runny nose and a puffy face.  For example, did you know blue mascara is great for helping with red watery eyes, since the blue makes the whites of your eyes appear even whiter? Click on the video to play :)

You can catch all my videos on the ZYRTEC YouTube page or here! Hope you like it. 

ps. I'll also be posting the video in Spanish next week :)

Disclosure: McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the makers of ZYRTEC®, has compensated me for my role in ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE™. As of March 7, 2013, content posted from @VivaFashion is my own but subject to certain limitations in conjunction with the support of ZYRTEC®.

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