VF's Closet: Rain Boots

Living in Miami, you pretty much get use to the rain. Some days it will be so sunny one minute, and then it's pouring rain the next. I've built-up a pretty decent collection of rain boots, including my latest addition---these RainFloe rain boots from Crocs. I like wearing my rain boots with socks peeking through, and the great thing about these boots is that it already comes with a fabric lining (so it kind of looks like socks). They're also very lightweight so I don't feel like I'm lugging around bricks all day. 

I wore them with this striped dress from Old Navy, which I also wore throughout my maternity (see pics here). 

This post is brought to you by Crocs. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Viva Fashion possible. 



  1. Adorable! Love this look. Those Crocs look comfy and you make it so stylish and classy. :)

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    <3 Jenn from Cao Bella

    1. Thanks Jenn. They're very comfy :)

  2. Did not know that Croc made rain boots. They look absolutely adorable. And I like that you wore them with a dress.
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