Happy Friday + Personalized Kids Books

I recently stumbled across these pesonalized kids books from Chronicle Books, they're the  absolute cutest thing and I just had to share with you. You can personalize several things from the name in the book to the color hair and eyes of the characters. We got him these two called "For the Love of Baby" and "Speedster Andres" (his full name is Andres Sebastian, but we decided to just go with Andres so it wouldn't be sooooo long). 

It was so sweet seeing his face when he would see himself in the book. We were even able to customize this license in the book with his picture and birthday.

You can also customize the name of the race track with the city you live in. 

At the end of the book, we added a personalized message too. 

They have tons of themes to pick from for both boys and girls, which would make the perfect gift for baby showers or birthdays. 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


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