About.com Interview: Camera Ready-Maternity Style and Beauty Tips

One of our favorite bloggers, Yanira Garza, recently interviewed me for About.com on maternity style and beauty tips. Here's a a piece of the article: 

Working in your field you have access to many brands and products. Did you discover any must have brands or brands in general that you came to love while you were expecting?

Yes! One thing I discovered early on was that maternity clothes could be really expensive! But some of the brands that I discovered that had great, affordable maternity clothes were Gap and Old Navy. In particular I came to love their maternity jeans. They were super comfortable and for the most part, under $50 bucks. LOFT also has a great maternity line that I really loved.

You do a lot of television appearances. Do you have any style tips for being camera ready even when your job doesn't call for it? 

Accessories always make me feel camera-ready. And the great thing about accessories is that size doesn’t matter when you are pregnant. I would recommend buying a fabulous statement necklace. It’s an easy way to dress up any outfit, from a t-shirt to a simple black dress.

Now as a mom, has your personal style changed at all since having your baby? 

For the most part it has stayed the same, except that now I’m a bit more conscious about finding clothing that can easily get me dressed and out the door in no time (especially since I also have a toddler to dress). For example, I love rompers and dresses.

You can read the full story HERE. 

Thank you Yanira for this great interview! 


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