Tips to Get Date Night Ready!

After having a baby, sometimes date nights are far and few between, but lately the hubby and I have made it a point to have at least one date night a month, especially now that our son turned 17 months. Besides, I know he is in really good hands with my parents-in-law (the best babysitters ever!). It’s all about rekindling the romance, no? Here are a few tips I like to use to help me get ready for date night.

Sexy Beach Waves: I love creating sexy beach waves for an effortlessly sexy look. I use a 1’ inch, clampless curling iron instead of one with a clamp. Simply grab about 2 inches of hair and wrap around the barrel for about 10 seconds. You can also use a textured hair spray or sea salt spray to create beautiful voluminous waves.

Make-Up: When it comes to make-up, I always go for a very natural look. Instead of using a bronzing powder, I’ve really been into pink tones. It gives your skin a healthy, fresh look. Start by using a pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and finish with a peachy gloss for the lips. Then, to make it more night appropriate, I simply smudge a black eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyelashes.

Show Some Skin: From the beach to a romantic dinner, summer is all about showing some skin. Whenever I go out to dinner with my husband I always opt for a dress or skirt for a feminine, flirty look. To get my legs silky smooth, I use Nair Sprays Away Moroccan Argan Oil. This convenient spray allows a precise, no-touch application for use on your body and legs. It dissolves hair below the surface of the skin and even works on coarse hair! Plus, my smooth skin lasts days longer than shaving, which ultimately saves me time as a busy mom – a win-win.

How do you get ready for date night?

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