Entry Way Organization on a Budget: Shoe Storage

My husband has a thing where no one is allowed in the house with shoes, this also goes for guests. At first, I felt really awkward asking people to take their shoes off (remember that episode from Sex and the City? lol) I would make a joke and tell people that we were half Japanese, where it's custom to remove your shoes. 

But my husband actually did have a good point, you see, heels and wood floors don't mix. It causes some really horrible dents on the floor (we learned from experience). The floors also remain cleaner so much longer, and now that we have a toddler (who likes to stick everything in his mouth that he finds on the floor) it's important it remains clean. Lately, however, our entry way looked like chaos. It was piling up with shoes. We went in search for a shoe storage and found this one from Threshold at Target for $169.99. I love that it also has a bench, so it makes taking off your shoes practical (and comfortable). 

The drawers slide, so we bought 3 storage bins: one for my husband, one for me and one for our son. When we have guests over, we make sure to empty them out so we have room for their shoes. Since you only really see the storage bin in the middle, we bought a pretty one in rattan and kept the other two simple.

We added some colorful pillows and a throw rug also from Target. We made sure to buy a rug that was wide enough so people can walk in with their shoes and then sit on the bench to take them off. 

Here's my little one enjoying the new bench. He also loves grabbing his shoes from the bin and throwing them everywhere haha.

What do you think? Do you also remove your shoes before entering your home? My husband loves to point out that even Lebron James and Dwayne Wade make their guests take off their shoes. 

Quick Tip: If asking your guests to remove their shoes, make sure to have a back-up for them, whether it's socks or flip flops. 


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